Here I share tips on self-care, things I learn through my yoga practice, and other helpful things to empower you to learn, grow, and serve from a more grounded and expansive place. I’ll also throw in copywriting and social media tips just for fun!

Get Serious About Self-Care & Stop Stealing From Your Clients

Are you stealing from yourself and your clients?

You might be looking at that question wondering what on earth I’m talking about. How can I steal from myself?

You might be even more confused by the second part of the question. How can I be stealing from my clients if they are paying me?

Allow me to introduce (or for some of you – refresh your memory of) a yogic principle called asteya, and teach you how this can be applied to your business life. It’s less complicated than you think!

5 Reasons to Rock Your Graphics!

Everyone teaches about the importance of sharing high-quality content on social media. But there’s a catch: if we aren’t sharing this high-quality content with captivating graphics to catch our audience’s eye, they’re likely to scroll right past it.

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