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About Virtually April

I help yoga teachers, coaches, and intuitive and holistic professionals establish and maintain an authentic online presence by providing stunning social media graphics, copyediting services, and Pinterest management.

My Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Authenticity & Connecting With Your Community

You’ve chosen to be of service to others, and you know that means spending more face-to-face time with your clients and less time stuck behind a screen. I can help by providing virtual creative assistant services so that you can get back to your passion for caring for others.

Maintaining an online presence is important these days – but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your servitude to grow your business, and with Virtually April, you won’t have to! Let me take some of the digital marketing burden off your shoulders so you can be free to connect with others.

About Me

April Smith

April Smith


Hi there! I’m April Smith, Founder of Virtually April. I help healers and soul-centered entrepreneurs focus on the people part of their business.

I started Virtually April because as a certified yoga teacher, I know that the online world can be intimidating to soul-centered entrepreneurs – but I also know how essential an online presence is for businesses.

I want to help be the change by helping you maintain your authenticity online to help you connect with the people you serve.

When I am not helping people like you, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, barefoot and singing to myself as I cook, or snuggling up with my furbaby. And always with a cup of coffee nearby!

My Values

My business is rooted in my personal yoga practice, specifically the principle of “satya”, or truthfulness. I believe in the power of integrity and honesty, and work hard to apply these values to every part of my business.

This means you can count on me to communicate clearly and regularly, and to ensure that my work meets the standards you set for your business.

Consistency is a key to any successful business, and business partnership.

When you work with me, you know you can depend on a high level of service and commitment. No matter what challenges life throws my way, or how the scope of your project may shift , my quality of work will always remain the same.

I truly take joy in helping business owners like you grow their audience and spread their vision.

I get excited when I get to help pull together stunning graphics, web copy, and Pinterest strategies for soul-centered businesses.

I know the life-changing power things like yoga, holistic health, coaching, and intuitive businesses can have on one’s life, and I want to help get the word out there! My enthusiasm and passion are infused into everything I do to help your business grow so that your audience can feel the excitement as well.

What I Do Best



Social Media Graphics

Pinterest Management

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