Everyone teaches about the importance of sharing high-quality content on social media. We want our message to be clear, concise, and to encourage engagement. We want our content to be something our audience shares with their friends. But there’s a catch: if we aren’t sharing this high-quality content with captivating graphics to catch our audience’s eye, they’re likely to scroll right past it.


There are several reasons why visuals are so important:


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  • People will often notice an image long before they read your writing. And if the image itself is not   interesting enough, or does not give a clear idea of what the information you’re sharing is about, they’ll just pass it up. We as humans are highly visual creatures – we rely on what we see to help us gather information and form opinions. It’s important for us to use this trait to maximize the impact our content can have – that IS why we share it, after all.


Graphics can help us form an emotional connection to the information before we begin reading. We can be excited, intrigued, or feel empathy – all based on an image. This is why it’s important to use extreme care and intention when creating social media graphics. We have to consider how we want our audience to feel when they view our graphics – and we want to make sure it is aligned with the overall message we are sharing.


We have to consider how we want our audience to feel when they view our graphics – and we want to make sure it is aligned with the overall message we are sharing.


  • Not only does having a stunning graphic to go with our content ensure that we appeal to and connect with our readers, but most social media platforms actually favor posts with graphics. Including amazing graphics will get your content in front of more viewers. It will also make sure that you’re capitalizing on the platform’s algorithms, which are general set up to prioritize posts with graphics over posts without them.


  • In addition to adding graphics to our written content, sometimes graphics can be the only content we share. Think of infographics, for example. These are a great way to share a large amount of information in a visually appealing way. And since a large portion of your audience will be visual learners (65% of the general population, according to research from Pearson Prentice Hall), infographics are a great way to meet the needs of your audience.


We’ve all heard that people often forget what they read, but they rarely forget what they see. Using a graphic to draw attention to and relay information ensures that your message is remembered. It will help take your content to the next level, and even increases the possibility of your content going viral!


One thing to remember when creating graphics for social media (or any platform, really) is to be brand-consistent.


5 Reasons to Rock Your Graphics

While the content and perhaps background images of your graphics may change, it is important that some elements stay the same. Using your brand’s colors, fonts, and any language or icons that help identify your brand will ensure that people know where this content is coming from.

I know getting started creating graphics for social media content can be tough – and that’s why I’ve created Canva templates for social media and your blog (with instructions) just for you! Canva is an excellent tool for those new to graphic design. And best of all: they have a free plan!


Yoga Blog Graphic Templates Mockup

Click here to sign up to get your FREE Canva templates with instructions, and start maximizing your reach on social media.

If you want custom social media graphics, I can help with that too! Head over here to check out my packages, or just email me at hello@virtuallyapril.com. I’d love to learn more about your business, and discuss ways I can be of service to you.

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