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April Smith

April Smith

Founder | Coach

Hi there! I’m April Smith, Founder of Virtually April. I started Virtually April to help spiritual entreprenuers stand out online and find balance in their spiritual and professional lives. This lead me on my own professional journey to becoming a certified Life Coach. I am now scaling back my virtual assistant business and focusing more on coaching. If you want more information about my coaching services, please sign up below!

If you are in need of virtual assistance, please go to my “Get In Touch” page via the menu at the top, and I’ll be happy to help – whether it’s by offering my own services or making a recommendation to another qualified professional.

When I am not coaching, practicing or teaching yoga, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, barefoot and singing to myself as I cook, or snuggling up with my furbaby. And always with a cup of coffee nearby!

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